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Mission Statement, Vision & Values of FMJCA


Fellowship Ministries of Jesus Christ Apostolic (FMJCA) pioneers and mobilises teams to glorify God among unreached people by initiating church planting movements in partnership with its local churches. To know Christ and make Christ known among all nations by equipping indigenous


Centrality of the Local Church

We are committed to the centrality of the local church in preparing, supporting and sending global missionaries. Our global missionaries will serve under the oversight and direction of the FMJCA pastors and ministers who will help provide vision, strategy, and evaluation for them on the field.


Holistic Approach

We will work hard to meet not only the spiritual needs of those to whom we minister but also their physical, mental, and emotional needs.



We recognize that our calling to global missions and the strength that we need to be successful in this endeavour come completely from God. Therefore, our global missions effort will be driven by a total reliance on the Lord through consistent prayer.

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