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Working together through faith, love and unity.

What a wonderful time we had this

weekend with the Ordination and

Consecration Service of our Pastor

to the Office of Bishop of FMJCA on

Saturday the 6th September 14. 

Bishop K. G. McKoy, all the Ministers,

Officers and Saints at FMJCA would

like to specially thank the three

Bishops that made it possible for the

Will of God to come to fruition. 

Namely, Bishop Mark A. Smith

(Greater Ekklesia Ministries, USA),

Bishop Charles Ffrench (Restorer

Christian Centre, Birmingham UK),

and Bishop Mike Wilson (COGOP,

Nechells, Birmingham UK).  We would

also like to thank the Pastors and

Brethren from the various churches,

family and friend who came and wittiness

this auspicious occasion with us.  God is

truly moving by His spirit and He is leading us in ways that is hard at times for the human mind to comprehend but we have answered His call and where He leads us, we will follow.  Matthew 16:24 say’s - Then said Jesus unto his disciples, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. 


To complete an already wonderful weekend, On Sunday the 7th September 14 we had a baptism of four saints who made the decision to turn their life’s over to the Lord, Hallelujah.  Again, Special thanks go out to Pastor Keith Clarke, his wife and the saints at New Testament Church of God, Worksop for granting us the use of their baptism pool and allowing us to join in their Sunday service.  What a wonderful time we had in the Lord.

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