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New Light City Church Apostolic

Senior Pastor - Pastor Joan Graham


New Light City Church Apostolic

Haywood Community Centre

Haywood Road



East Midlands





New Light City Church began January 2012 under the leadership of Pastor Alphonso Graham.  We were blessed to be able to rent a room in Djanogly school where we were granted favour from the Lord.


During our time at Djanogly, we experienced the great move of God and witnessed miracles, signs and wonders resulting in the baptism of many souls.


Pastor Graham along with his wife First Lady Joan created and delivered a program for married couples called together forever and another for single people called before you say I Do!.


Out of the programmes delivered, we witnessed marriages that became stronger and the wedding of Sis Francesca and Sheldon, which Pastor Graham played a great part in the wedding ceremony. 


Since the birth of New Light City Church we have experienced many different seasons, but through it all, we have held on to the prophecies given to us and the vision of our Pastor.


We are now in a New Chapter, and we believe that God will continue to lead and guide us.


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